Struggling to compete for customers?

If you’re
losing customers to competitors

If your
sales pitch is falling flat 

If you’re
having to compete on price

There is a better way.

Learn How to Win More Customers

Differentiation Strategy:
Winning Customers By Being Different

This book and online course explain how to create a compelling answer to the one-two question:

"Why should I buy from you instead of your competitors?"

"What makes you different?" 


Differentiation Strategy

Course Description

This 10-hour online course serves as a field guide to the book Differentiation Strategy: Winning Customers by Being Different, authored by Kevin Holt.

It includes:

  • a copy of the book (valued at $39.95),
  • a software tool for building your strategy canvas (valued at $3,000),
  • a facilitator's toolkit that includes the agendas and slide decks for conducting your strategy workshops, (valued at $500), and
  • forms for doing the customer interviews (valued at $500).
  • PLUS a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For a limited time, you will receive all of these for just $1,495.00 per person. (Group rates available.)

The content of this 10-hour course includes hundreds of slides, each designed to visually reinforce Kevin's narration. 

The material is divided into 8 modules, which are subdivided into a total of 46 "bite-sized" micro-modules.

Module 1   Provides a summary overview of the course (41 min.)
Module 2   Explains the concepts of competitive advantage and competitive strategy (71 min.)
Module 3   Explains how to segment the market and select your target market segment (63 min.)
Module 4  Explains how to identify the factors of competition in your industry, evaluate your relative performance on the factors, map the factors and performances to your "as is" strategy canvas, and interview customers to validate the canvas and identify new differentiation opportunities (80 min.)
Module 5  Describes a comprehensive set of methods for creating your new differentiation strategy and explains how to map the new strategy to your “to be” strategy canvas (280 min.)
Module 6  Explains how to translate the new differentiation strategy into a  value proposition that provides a compelling answer to the one-two question, "Why should I buy from you instead of your competitors? What makes you different?" (39 min.)
Module 7 Explains how to diagram the activity system that will implement your new differentiation strategy (11 min.)
Module 8  Explains how to use the strategy canvas software and perform the nominal group technique (20 min.)


"Kevin is a master of differentiation. His model is a key part of our client offering and the way we've achieved outstanding results on behalf of our clients"

- Sheila Kloefkorn, CEO, KEO Marketing Inc


"Differentiation Strategy: Winning Customer by Being Different should be required reading for every board and leadership team. Kevin’s explanation of the principles and practice of differentiation is extraordinary."

- G. Peter Bidstrup, Founder and Emeritus CEO of Doubletree Hotels


"Read Differentiation Strategy: Winning Customers by Being Different and learn how to create a strategy that leaves your competitors in the dust. The chapter on creative thinking, alone, is worth the price of the book."

- Woody Wade, Author of Scenario Planning: A Field Guide to the Future


"We retained Kevin to facilitate a workshop guided by the framework in Differentiation Strategy: Winning Customers by Being Different. Our new strategy played a major role in growing our company from 60 hotels under management to more than 100."

- John Hamilton, Executive Vice President, Pyramid Hotel Group

About the Author, Kevin Holt

Kevin Holt is a differentiation strategy consultant. He is the creator of this course and author of the book Differentiation Strategy: Winning Customers by Being Different. His hands-on experience makes him uniquely qualified to do both. He has worked as a development officer and consultant in the hotel industry, where he sat on the executive committee of a national hotel chain, owned a small business, and since 2001, conducted consulting and workshop engagements in the USA and in London, Geneva, Singapore, and Delhi. Kevin received a BS degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MBA from Arizona State University. For more information on his consulting services, go to or contact him at 602-510-8080 or [email protected].

30-day, money-back guarantee if, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with the first four weeks of course material as explained in the introduction to the course.